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Episode 17 we hear a great story of Greg, owner and founder of Good Fortunes Asian Flare, and how he started and grew from his food truck into a great take out spot with plans of future growth.

On Episode 15, we bring blogger Sunny Sharma into the studio and discuss how he not only grew his blog and brand, but transitioned and expanded for monetization.

On Episode 13  John, Oscar, and Brian discuss their experiences to date since starting the podcast, restrategizing of how we put out our videos, updates on TicketYum, SmartPrint3D, and the new branded Blendit, some details behind a networking event we are hosting, and more. An exciting recap to date so make sure to check it out!

Episode 16 features the founders of, a monthly subscription box that teaches people how to build and code machinery and robotics.

We are back with Episode 14 and we bring on the team from MITYO to talk about brand transitioning and the community that they are building with their website. You can check them out at Do us a favor and subscribe to us on YouTube, iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud and leave a review, we appreciate it !

On Episode 12 of Inventing Entrepreneurs, we sat down with Christian Johnson, Founder and CEO of Driver Watchdog. Christian is crushing the entrepreneur game with lots of experience, winning 19 out of 30 pitches, raising money through multiple outlets, and networking with professionals and stars in multiple industries. She gives her advice on pitching, talks about being a woman in a male dominated industry, hustling to get a job working for NAS, and more!

Twin brothers and founders of RentMi, Kyle and Jake Vogel, hit our studio for a fun and exciting episode 11 of Inventing Entrepreneurs. They discuss their construction equipment rental company, some wins and challenges they have faced, and lessons they have learned. Watch or Listen to episode 11 to hear all about how  they had the idea to make contractors some extra money when not using the equipment they own.

For Episode 10 of Inventing Entrepreneurs we bring on Monica Sokolovsky Founder and CEO of HueTrition, a new company using technology to promote fun and healthy eating and children and families. She gives tips on how persistence, utilizing your network, and being positive can grow you and your business.

Elijah Tyson joins us for Episode 9 to talk his companies ColdSpace and Hustle Aesthetic Fitness. He goes into detail on the importance of being healthy as an entrepreneur and how he arrived at his current stage in life. At only 22 years old, Elijah demonstrates strong entrepreneurial skills, growth, and promise for continued success.

On our 8th episode of Inventing Entrepreneurs, we bring on Rohan Shah to talk a little about raising capital, market validation and how / why he started Classavo. Learn more about his company at ! Do us a favor and subscribe to us on YouTube, iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud and leave a review, we appreciate it !

We are thankful and excited to have Sergeant Joe Miller with us for Episode 7. Joe has experienced and learned more about leadership then most people will never get to. In this session, he discusses some of the skills he's learned as well as sharing some stories.

On the 6th episode of Inventing Entrepreneurs, we bring on Jackie Krawiecki. Jacki is a traveler, blogger, photographer, and Instagram influencer. She comes on to talk Instagram, personal branding and how she lives life as a traveler. Listen to her stories and tips in episode six, and check out her blog at or on instagram @_jkrow .

Alex Skags from Coinvention is in the studio to discuss all things crypto. In episode five of Inventing Entrepreneurs, Alex shares some knowledge, stories, and other networks and businesses he is building within the cryptosphere. Episodes now available on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher!

OJ Barker, co founder of Get Up and Go Get It (GUAGGI), talks about how and why he started his company with his partner. Together they open 2 outlet locations in Buffalo and North Carolina. and grow a brand thats much larger. Listen and subscribe to us on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud and more!

The third episode of Inventing Entrepreneurs, where we bring on our first guest entrepreneur, Tom Piciulo, the franchisee owner of RustKote Total Care on Walden Avenue in Buffalo, NY. On this episode we talk about how Tom has been growing his business since 2014 and where he sees it going in the future.

Episode 2 with hosts Brian Bischoff @brianinvents and John Kappel @just_john44. This podcast goes more in depth on us and why we decided to take the entrepreneurial route. 

The first episode of inventing entrepreneurs, the podcast where we higlight the struggles of being an entrepreneur at the early stages. We will bring on 2-3 entrepreneurs on per month to talk about their progress in their vision.