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Episode Sixteen: Starting a Subscription Service Company

Episode Fifteen: Growing a Blog and Expanding Your Business

Episode Fourteen: Online Communities w/ MITYO

April 23, 2018

We are back after a short break with episode fourteen. Joined by Josh and Tom from MITYO, they stop by to hangout, talk business, and drink interesting beverages. Listen to how they are promoting underground artists and building an online community to do so. Make sure to check out the RECAPPED episode.

Episode Thirteen: IE RECAPPED

March 28th, 2018

On this episode we give updates on our experiences since starting the podcast, a networking event we are planning, and updates on our own companies from the last three months! Please if you like us and support new entrepreneurship, subscribe, review, and share on YouTube, Stitcher, SoundCloud. We appreciate it!


Episode Twelve: Crushing it Everyday

March 21, 2018

Christian Johnson, Founder/CEO of the personal dashboard camera Driver WatchDog is in the studio to talk about her hustle, achievements, and share some great stories. As a woman in the tech industry, Christian has had challenges and speaks on some lessons she has learned through her journey.


Episode Eleven: Make Money on Out of Season Equipment

March 14, 2018

Twin brothers and co-founders of RentMi, Kyle and Jake Vogel, stop by the studio to discuss their journey's as entrepreneurs and how they found a opportunity in an industry that is seen as one whose people use little technology in their day to day, and created a solution to make them more money when not working on a job.

Episode Ten: Taking Control with Monica Sokolovsky

March 7, 2018

In the brand new studio we bring on Monica Sokolovsky to discuss the road she took on her way to growing her company, HueTrition. Monica shares her experiences and some things she's learned from her days as a college athlete, gym owner, Marketing Ph.D. student, and Health and Nutrition professional.

Episode Nine: Go "All In" with Elijah Tyson

February 28, 2018

Elijah Tyson joins us for Episode 9 to talk his companies ColdSpace and Hustle Aesthetic Fitness. He goes into detail on the importance of being healthy as an entrepreneur and how he arrived at his current stage in life, with some insight in things that have made his business grow.

Episode Eight: Ask for Money, Get Advice with Rohan Shah

February 21, 2018

Rohan Shah has went from growing up all over the world, to moving to Buffalo, NY for college where he participated and won numerous business plan and pitch competitions for his now company Interactive X inc. and their product Classavo. Hear how Rohan grew and gained traction and touches on the importance of face to face market research.

Episode Seven: Military and Leadership with Sergeant Joe Miller

February 14, 2018

Joe Miller is a Sergeant in the US Army, who recently made the transition back into civilian life. As a Sergeant that served over seas during wartime, Joe was taught leadership skills that most of us will never receive. Listen to Joe talk about his experiences and lessons he's learned that have helped him excel in his current role.

Episode Six: Instagram Branding and Traveling with @jkrow

February 7, 2018

Instagram and Travel Blogger Jackie Krawiecki is in the studio talking about the brand she has created for herself as a travel blogger on Instagram as well as on her blog AnyOdyssey. Jackie has been building her brand for the past two years and has over grown a strong following of people loving her photos, tips, and travel itineraries. Check out Jackie in Episode Six and @_jkrow on Instagram.

Episode Five: Why Invest in Bitcoin w/ Alex of Coinvention

January 31, 2018

Alex Scags drops into the studio to talk all things cryptocurrency. He shares his knowledge, stories, and talks other ventures he is a part of within the cryptosphere. Have fun and enjoy listening to John, Brian, and Alex on episode five of Inventing Entrepreneurs.

Episode Four: OJ Barker, GUAGGI Brand

January 24, 2018

OJ Barker started his entrepreneurial journey as a young promoter, now he has built a brand that everyone is raving about. He is growing his business and using his old promotions days to bring big name stars to his store. Get to know OJ and GUAGGI in Episode Four of Inventing Entrepreneurs.

Episode Three: Tom Piciulo, RustKote Total Care

January 17, 2018

Episode Three of Inventing Entrepreneurs features our first guest entrepreneur. Tom Piciulo from RustKote Total Care in Buffalo, NY is a small business owner and entrepreneur. In this episode we discuss the importance of repeat business and ways to keep customers coming back.

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Episode Two: The Story Behind Why we Started

January 10, 2018

In episode two of Inventing Entrepreneurs, hosts John and Brian dig a bit deeper into the decision to start this podcast and their own business ventures.

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Episode One: Introduction to Inventing Entrepreneurs

January 3, 2018

In the inaugural episode of Inventing Entrepreneurs, hosts Brian and John share their backgrounds and experiences, talk some startups, and set the stage for future episodes.

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