Brian Bischoff

Inventor, Co-Founder SmartPrint3D & FlexMuch Product Development

Brian is a full time product developer and engineer. He is highly experienced in manufacturing, 3D Printing, design, and is the co-founder of SmartPrint3D and FlexMuch Product Development. Under these companies, he has invented the Wise Crack Pan, FlexWater Disposable Shaker Bottles and much more with his co-founder, Oscar Orazio. Catch Brian at the gym, or more likely creating the next best thing. Brian created the Inventing Entrepreneurs podcast to help show new entrepreneurs that they are not the only ones out there trying to build something and the entrepreneurial route is not as easy as some people say it is. The best way to connect with Brian is to contact him on his instagram, @BrianInvents.

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John Kappel

Marketing & Branding Specialist,  Co-Founder TicketYum


When it's not fantasy football season, you can find John hard at work building and managing numerous brands in the startup space, as well as growing co-founding and being the CEO of His favorite part of being an entrepreneur is engaging with his audience out at events and online while at home with his cats. His goal of hosting Inventing Entrepreneurs is to bring exposure to startups that are having trouble gaining exposure.

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Oscar Lee

Scientist, Co-Founder SmartPrint3D & FlexMuch Product Development

As a scientist and entrepreneur, Oscar, has been working hard and playing hard his whole life. He has been a founding member of many business ventures, providing his product development and finance knowledge. The only thing Oscar loves more than the drive that comes with being an entrepreneur, is driving cars. His believe is that through failure comes experience and from experience comes success. 

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Josh Krouse



Founder and Partner                MITYO                                         Episode 14

For Episode 14, Tom and Josh from MITYO stop by to talk about brand transitioning and the online art community that they are building with their website. Josh has grown up around business his whole life and came up with the concept for MITYO back in 2011, while in high school. During college, he considered dropping out work on MITYO full time, but changed his decision which led to networking and gaining experience leading an other startup before taking off to do MITYO full time after graduation. You can check them out at Do us a favor and subscribe to us on YouTube, iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud and leave a review, we appreciate it !



Christian Johnson

MyG04 (1).jpg

Founder & CEO,                                 Driver WatchDog                            Episode 12

On our 12th episode we had the privilege of sitting down with Christian Johnson, the founder of Driver Watchdog. Christian is absolutely CRUSHING the entrepreneur game. She talks about numerous topics such as winning pitches, being a woman in a male dominated industry, getting a job working for Nas when she was younger and much more. Christian was recently on A&E's Roo$ter and Butch, a show similar to SharkTank, and was awarded $250k for her company. You can check out her product out at


Keith and Jack Vogel


Co-Founders,                     RentMi                               Episode 11

Jack and Keith come from a blue collar family and have been raised working construction, contracting, and the likes. From working with companies, they noticed that the same pieces of equipment were always sitting around and RentMi was born. In Episode 11 we discuss the importance of fully understanding your customer and some wins and losses of the business thus far.


Monica Sokolovsky


Founder & CEO, HueTrition and HuePets Episode 10

Monica has a drive to succeed beyond belief. From her days as a college athlete at Texas A&M, to her professional career in corporate America, to her new company, HueTrition, she is making moves using technology to promote fun and healthy eating in children and families. In Episode 10, she shares her  knowledge and experiences from her Masters and PH.D in Marketing, her first business she owned, and how she is pushing to make HueTrition the next thing in healthy eating technology.


Elijah Tyson

eli-1-5 (1).jpg

Founder & CEO, ColdSpace, LLC and Hustle Aesthetics Episode 9

Elijah has been a personal trainer and fitness fanatic for years and with his company Hustle Aesthetics, he has taken his passion of fitness to the next level creating a program that tends to the lifestyles of busy entrepreneurs. His second company ColdSpace is solving the problem of cold personal storage on Universities. In Episode 9 of Inventing Entrepreneurs, hear Elijah share his journey and some fitness ideas for us CEOs.


Rohan Shah


Co-Founder & CEO, InteractiveX, INC Episode 8

Rohan is Co-Founder and CEO of an e-learning company, InteractiveX with their main product being an interactive education platform called Classavo. Rohan has won plenty of grants and prizes for his company Classavo, which brings all the tools needed for higher education (textbooks, clickers, quizzes, etc) into one place for 1/3 of the price. In Episode 8 of Inventing Entrepreneur's Rohan talks about his journey, gives some great tips on collecting market research and raising capital.


Joe Miller

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 12.12.46 AM.png

Sergeant, US Army Episode 7

Joe has recently came home after being overseas with the US Army. As a Sergeant in the military, he has learned and developed leadership skills second to none. Now, back on home soil, he is applying these skills to excel in the company he is with. Listen to some great stories and lessons in leadership from Joe on Episode 7 of Inventing Entrepreneurs.




Jackie Krawiecki


Writer AnyOdyssey Travel Blog & Instagram Blogger  Episode 6

Jackie is a traveler, influencer and creator of a travel blog, Any Odyssey. She has an understanding of Instagram and personal branding and gives her followers an insight into her life as a traveler. Jackie's blog features some of her trips itineraries to follow and make your trip affordable and unforgettable, without the tourist traps. She eventually wants to branch out into travel as a consultant. You can check her out at or on instagram @_jkrow .


Alex Scags


Coinvention & Crypto Entrepreneur            Episode 5

Alex started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age, creating and promoting one-day music festivals in large cities throughout the country. Once cryptocurrency became a thing his interest quickly shifted and since the day he made his first investment in Bitcoin, he never looked back. Learn about Alex, his crypto knowledge, and future ventures he is starting based around the coins on Episode Five of Inventing Entrepreneurs.


OJ Barker


GUAGGI Brand         Episode 4

OJ has been building his personal and professional brand since he was an early teenager. Along with managing his brand, he is the co-owner of 2 Guaggi stores in New York and North Carolina.  In his guest experience on Inventing Entrepreneurs he talks about his entrepreneurial journey and some clever marketing that has helped his business and exposure grow. Tune in to Episode Four of Inventing Entrepreneurs.


Tom Piciulo


RustKote Total Care Episode 3

Tom has owned and operated RustKote Total Care in Buffalo, NY since 2014 and has experienced tremendous growth and repeat business. He believes strongly in delivering not only a quality product, but a quality experience that leads to continued growth year after year. In his guest appearance on Inventing Entrepreneurs he talks about his business start, road through entrepreneurship, wins, mistakes, lessons learned and more. Tune in to Episode 3 of Inventing Entrepreneurs to hear this inaugrual conversation.


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